Telemedicine and Video Conferencing
Telemedicine is generally defined as the use of telecommunication and information technology to provide health care at a distance. Telemedicine is usually split into three types: store and forward, remote monitoring, and interactive (real-time) services. The uses for telemedicine are always evolving. Researchers often use telemedicine to share research data live or through store and forward. In order to provide the best care possible, doctors and medical personnel often use telemedicine to consult with other doctors and specialists, sharing patient records, MRIs, X-rays, etc… Today telemedicine is being used more and more frequently to see patients live, in real time. Often patients do not have access to specialists in rural areas or need to travel great distances. Distance and the cost of traveling often prevent people from seeking treatment or needed follow up exams.

Wil2liv, LLC is dedicated to all forms of telemedicine and specializes in the area of TELETRAUMA telemedicine. Teletrauma telemedicine consists of trauma specialists interacting with live personnel for an emergency trauma or in mass casualty/disaster event. The trauma specialists connecting live via telemedicine provide a higher level of treatment, triage, and assessment than may be available at the remote site. Today's technology allows live, secure, telemedicine connections using specialized video conferencing equipment, PCs, Tablets, and even smart phones (provided sufficient internet/wireless/satellite connection is available.) Teletrauma telemedicine also includes establishing secure remote live access, for health care professionals who might be off-site, to see emergency/trauma patients at their own facility at any time

Computer and Network Specialists
Wil2liv, LLC provides professional computer and networking services. Society interacts with computers every day; whether it is a traditional desktop PC, a laptop, tablet, or even a smart phone. These items have become almost indispensable for our businesses and daily lives. As they become more complex keeping them operational and safe can become quite a challenge. Often time's services are reactive instead of proactive. We can help you in either situation.

A network normally consists of two or more computers, and typically other devices as well (such as printers, external hard drives, modems, switches, gateways and routers), that are linked together so that they can communicate with each other and thereby exchange commands and share data, hardware and other resources. A network could consist of one location connecting to another location across the room or across the world. The complexity is relative to the needs and demands of the users and network. Wil2liv, LLC can provide assistance at every level large or small. Please visit our services page.


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